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4 Reasons Why IPM Will End Your Boston Bead Bug Nightmare Now and Forever!

1. Bed bugs are very good at adaptation and survival. The companies selling ambient heat treatment for bed bug will try to convince you bed bugs are drawn to the source of the heat to the point they experience a sort of heat exhaustion or thermal shock and die.

Heat ( our body heat ) accounts for 2.5 % of what draws bed bugs to us, hence, their claim is exactly 2.5% true. The CO2 we exhale accounts for 95% of the attraction, and the body heat and our body scent account equally for the remaining 5%. That is science and bed bug biology without the hype.

2. The proper equipment used in ambient heat bed bug remediation is expensive. A setup required to treat an average 3-bedroom Boston area home will cost around $400K.

That is simply cost-prohibitive for most companies in the Boston market or anywhere else for that matter.

Instead of heating up the entire home at the same time, the technicians will heat up a part of the house with the equipment at their disposal. After that is finished the techs will proceed to the next part of the house effectively speaking chasing bed bugs from one place to the other.

3. Heat sinks. Every structure, even the one built to the best standards in Boston, will have areas that heat up slower than other areas. If you consider the first paragraph, it is easy to see how something as good in principle as heat treatment, could be so ineffective in providing a reliable solution for bed bugs.

Even if one of the bed bugs or an egg survives the heat treatment, there is absolutely nothing to protect you.

4. Complete lack of residual protection. In simple terms, once the room temperature drops to its normal level, there is nothing in place to slow down the growth of the bed bug population.

Therefore, if not all of the bed bugs were killed during the treatment there is nothing to protect you in case of re-infestation.  If your home is a stand-alone structure the chance of reinfestation is significant but if your home is part of a larger structure like an apartment or a condominium complex the chance of reinfestation is unacceptably high.

Listed above are the four main bed bug heat treatment problems and reasons why heat treatment for bed bugs is not the best solution.

At K&A Pest Control we utilize true IPM ( Integrated Pest Management ) principles.  A combination of the best, safest, and most effective tools to provide safe, fast, and lasting solutions to your bed bug nightmare. We utilize heat in a more focused manner where it is 100% effective and instant.

Combining it with other mechanical solutions where bed bug biology and feeding habits are used to eradicate their population and provide ongoing protection is where we differ from other companies. Bed bug extermination is our single focus, the only insect we aim at. We offer instant relief, full house preparation, and nontoxic treatment. There is no need to leave the house, and you are protected by a full 12 months guarantee. For more information please call us or complete an online form.